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November 27, 2005



This was debated over at Catallarchy a while back. Balko's position is, as usual, totally untenable. If Roe were overturned, a federal Right To Life Act would be introduced in both chambers of Congress within 24 hours.

Balko's response is for the Supreme Court to "forbid" Congress to do so and "demand" a federalist approach.

My response at Catallarchy:

So [Balko is] advocating that the Supreme Court – without any precedential or theoretical basis – undertake a new jurisprudence of eviscerating the Fourteenth Amendment for the sake of reinvigorating the Tenth Amendment, thereby further elevating the fiction of "states rights" over individual rights?

Sorry, but that's not a particularly libertarian proposal.

Jason Turner

Kip...Thanks for your comments. I agree that Balko's proposal is not throughly libertarian, but in a polis of multiple interests a throughgoing, principled libertarianism, an all-or-nothing approach usually finds itself with nothing.

For me, Balko's proposal has the advantage of splitting the difference between the 'true believers' of both sides. As to how it would interfere with the fourteenth amendment, only those that believe all forms of abortion to be one of the immutable 'priveleges or immunities of citizens of the United States' would find Balko's proposal offensive. In other words, the idea that the right to abortion is a 'fundamental right or privilege' is exactly what is in question, with both sides finding the position of the other side reprehensible.

In many ways, Balko's proposal mirrors Jonathan Rauch's argument for a federalist approach to gay marriage:

Though I think that, realistically, you are correct. If the court were to overturn Roe, Congress would not let a day pass before issuing a federal ban on all abortion procedures. We'd then have to wait for the Court to rule that the issue is a state's right (10th amend) issue and that Congress does not have the power to prohibit.


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