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October 02, 2005



I agree, though those big boxes do make it harder for small business to even give it a go. Getting started with a good product that would develop into something great given a few years time isn't enough now - the little guy has to debut with something that will knock the consumers' socks off immediately (or find the perfect niche right off the bat) to even have a chance at getting off the ground.

Jason Turner

Yet somehow they do it. The majority of businesses in America continue to be small businesses. My point is not to debate the (often false) dichotomy between small/large businesses, nor is it to dissect the growing aesthetic preference for all things local. My point is simply that all facets of consumer choice are best decided by the consumer at the market level and not the government.


I have to side with Wal-Mart and Home Depot here. The only people I have heard complain about these large companies coming to town are those that own the small businesses whose existence they threaten. I am not heartless. I feel the pain of those that are forced to shut down. But they are not shut down because of big business, they are shut down because the consumer chooses to pay less for his/her goods. If the "community" is against big business, it will show in the bottom line and big business will pack up and leave if that is the case.

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