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July 25, 2005


Abe Heward

Jason Turner

As to the commenter above, I agree with the sentiments of the linked article. It is indeed possible to support the troops while questioning the overarching strategy or the rationale for a war. And an educated populace that maintains civilian control of the military is essential for the functioning of a democratic republic.

That being said, I do, for historical reason - have serious doubts about the patriotism of Jane Fonda, doubts I would not have, for example, with John Kerry, or even Ted Kennedy. Her criticisms extend much further than just the current war and I don't know how by any conceivable stretch she could be construed as a constructive critic.

Furthermore, though she has every legal right to do so, I don't see how anyone could take Fonda's efforts seriously. And I have no idea what their purpose will be. 'Protesting the war' at this point has very little meaning. Can she mean she is advocating a complete withdrawal? Is she advocating it become a UN mission? Is she advocating that the Baathists return to power? Or is she advocating for complete global withdrawal from Iraq come what may? And how exactly is she supporting the troops, since that is ostensibly the purpose of her tour?

Fonda is, of course, free to turn herself into a sad caricature - just as I am free to harrangue and criticize this aging communist sympathizer from the sidelines.

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