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December 18, 2004



you misunderstand libertarianism if you think it says that employers - like the MLB - can't set rules about drug intake. Now, some libertarians might argue that the MLB shouldn't create that rule, but libertarians (generally) wouldn't argue that MLB is not within its rights to set those rules.

John Schrock

Good point. I'm sure libertarians would respect whatever rights and obligations the owners and players included in the contracts they sign with each other. But many voices in libertarian circles seem to support steroid use on transhumanist grounds--that using technology to transcend human limits is an individual right that should not be tampered with. Others seem merely in denial about the downside. For example, Reason's Matt Welch argues that, "[i]n an era when testosterone and other hormones are being used safely to treat various illnesses, isn't it time to ask why, exactly, they can't be used to help men who use their bodies for a living recover from the daily strain as they reach retirement age?" This strikes me as a bit naïve. (He then goes on to wonder aloud if Barry Bonds really did take steroids by accident.)

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