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December 02, 2004



I would agree with everything you said except the idea that people shouldn't be critical of religious prohibitions on sexuality. Such prohibitions are not bad, in-and-of-themselves. It's when church doctrines conflict with the biblical teachings and practices of Jesus himself. This is a grave internal problem for churches that choose to be exclusionary, and thus hypocritical, in my view. But otherwise, you're right. The government should have absolutely nothing to do with it. Nothing. And churches like the UCC, blogged earlier, may either adapt or not to ever-changing cultural mores. On this question, I the atheist, couldn't care less.

I, the son of a lesbian woman, hope that her church (UCC) remains tolerant of her even if she is a sinner like the rest of her congregation. She and her partner love their church community. The question of scriptural prohibitions on their lifestyles is one I'm sure they struggle with daily, however.

Matt McIntosh

I've been going around pushing for the government to just have "civil unions" for everybody (with those who wish to getting "married" in a church) ever since this whole brouhaha started with Massacheussetts, and nearly everyone I talk to was pretty easy to persuade into agreeing with such a solution. Yet as far as I know, no prominent politician on either side of the isle is discussing this option seriously. I don't get it.

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