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December 22, 2004


Matt McIntosh

Excellent post, Chris. All pretty good policy ideas as well.

I totally agree that libertarian politics should not get conflated with an endorsement of crass commercialism, for the same reason that I can be against government censorship while still loathing certain ideas and forms of "expression". In libertarian circles there tends to be a lot of emphasis on "the government has no business prohibiting X" arguments but very little on "people really shouldn't do Y" arguments. Which is probably because so many people conflate the moral with the political, so we're always fighting a rearguard defense to try and seperate the two, but this has the downside of people (conservatives mainly) tending to think of libertarians as amoral libertines.

Alex Ausage

Super post. This should be fleshed out into a longer essay with rigor and evidence... I'm sure it's there.

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