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November 24, 2004


Matt McIntosh

Well done. I saw the same post and thought pretty much the same thing. When you press natural rights people they're revealed to be one of three things: 1) Dogmatic Lockeans (we all have rights because God grants them to us, or just because, dammit), 2) Naturalist/essentialist Aristotleans (it's man's nature!... whatever that is, and don't ask me how we get from the is to the ought), or 3) they suddenly begin turning into pragmatists (the right to live is inaliable!...except when I say it's not). Funny shit.


Thanks Matt... Happy Thanksgiving.

Matt McIntosh

Happy thanksgiving Max. :)

no name

This is a pathetic response. Max pull out a quote from Nozick and ignores paragraph after of paragraph of argumentation. The problem is that Max doesn't care to engage any serious argument about Iraq, so all of his articles on the libertarian hawks - written without attention to grace, style, or even grammar - are essentially "think-pieces" - on the nature of rights, or social contracts.


The grammarian commenter says: "Max pull out a quote from Nozick and ignores paragraph after of paragraph of argumentation. " Wow.

No name doesn't care to engage directly. But anyway, 1) there ain't no argumentation in the Logan piece. 2) I'd rather write think pieces than unthinking pieces. 3) I'll debate the merits of Iraq on strategy any day. At least my arguments don't appeal (constantly) to feeble, cliched 'moral' premises. 4) My graceless, styleless poorly-grammarfied prose managed to make it past the editorial eyes of Nick Schulz at Tech Central Station. Maybe this cowardly commenter should take it up with him.




While you're busy waxing pop-philosophical about how Iraqis don't have the same moral - nay, political - weight as Americans (and why not? because they don't live under the same social contract, natch, etc. etc.) - there are actual real things happening over in Iraq:

"One guy talked about guard duty in Kosovo one day and getting angry about being there, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nothing. He saw a mentally ill child who always came to the gate, asking for candy. The soldier told him to come over, and then he punched him as hard as he could, over and over, just to see if the kid would come back the next day. When he did, the soldier beat him again, laughing.

After that story, Laird told the soldier he was a coward and an ass."

Of course, the intrusion of facts into your world might cause to write another rant about how rights are a myth etc., so I'm wary of posting too many on this blog.


The anonymous commenter strikes again. I liken this fellow to lonely men who pretend to be women online in order to scam dirty pictures.

Lancelot Finn

I posted some input on my blog:

The anonymous commenter's second story, about the jerk soldier, is something more malign than merely naive. Far worse things happened under Saddam, and on a far greater scale. If you think a case against the war in Iraq can be made with anecdotes like this one, you may be deeply uncurious and unserious, or you have made a calculation that you're more likely to win this "debate" through cheap shots than substantive discussion. Punish the jerk soldier, by all means. Lock him up for a week. And punish Saddam. Lock him up forever.


For those interested in this exchange:


the point of me posting the story was not to say worse hadn't happened under Saddam.

It was to make the point that there are real lives at stake than Max's "philosophy" - if one can call the mish-mash of prejudices he posts that - acknowledges.

At core, Max's "philosophy" with its nice talk about "social contracts" amounts to: Brown people don't have rights, kill them.

Also, the U.S. invaded to stop WMD. There were no WMD. Thus, no reason to invade, unless you think the U.S. has some obligation to rid the world of tyrants, in which case why stop there?

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