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November 29, 2004



Dude, you should turn on trackback so that when the flames fly back and forth we'll just ping each other automatically.


Are you Jewish, Max?


No, not jewish. I like Randy Barnett very much, though.

john davies

Well, that sums it up: "The people at the Pentagon know best." With that kind of trust, why bother with all this philosophy. Oh, I forgot, Americans are not like any other barbarians . . . or was Attila a philosopher too? Oh, yes, and there is that paycheque for all this spin doctoring,that's where we, the hoi poloi, battered our way into his ivory tower, demanding Max be beheaded 'cause we don't want his Pentagon buddies to have us boiled alive if we are a perceived threat, hole in the ground or not, ad nauseam. I think there's a real job for you, Max, picking up body bits and parts somewhere, so you can experience first hand the results of your "philosophy": Will the last man alive, if any, please stand up? Excuse my inelegant prose.

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